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Gosset '12 Ans de Cave à Minima' Brut

6 + $229.50 each
12 + $212.93 each
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Gosset 12 Ans de Cave is the creation of previous Gosset Cellar Master, Jean-Pierre Mareigner and left to age for twelve years, this cuvée is a unique blend of various different vintages.

With all Gosset still wines they prevent the malolactic fermentation, the naturally occurring “second fermentation” usually following the 1st fermentation where yeast convert sugars to alcohol. With the ML fermentation it is the conversion of malic (green apple acid) to lactic acids (the softer milk acids). Preventing this process gives the winemaking team at Gosset the chance to showcase the bright fruitiness and brisk acidity when the grapes are ripe and the quality is high - a hallmark of the House style. The wines were cellared in spring 2007 and disgorged September 2019 with 12.5 years of ageing on the lees helping to round out that otherwise crisp acidity.