Donnhoff Norheimer Dellchen GG Riesling

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Steep cliffs of extrusive igneous rock (porphyry and melaphyre) rise directly from the banks of the River Nahe between Norheim and Niederhausen. Between those cliffs are small hollows, known in the local dialect as “Dellchen”. The slate soils here are mixed with the stony precipitate sedimentary rock of the adjacent volcanic cliffs. The extremely steep, perfectly south-facing slope is terraced by dry stone walls that demand a rigorous level of labor-intensive care. Protected by the surrounding cliffs, the Riesling grapes enjoy an extremely long hang time and year for year achieve perfect levels of ripeness.


"From slate and volcanic soils, the 2021 Dellchen GG opens with a radiant, bright, pure and flinty bouquet with fascinating, refined and subtle, highly elegant yet delicate mirabelle and Amalfi lemon fruit intertwined with slatey notes. The bouquet is heavenly to me (and will be, believe me, for all true Riesling lovers). Mahler's 8th symphony, Fausten's Ascension—it's all here. Subtle intensity, a sense of wonder, perfectly interwoven, natural beauty. This nose already tells everything, and I couldn't go on to the next wine for more than half an hour. On the palate, this is a subtle and delicate, highly filigreed yet also incredibly intense, lush and slatey, long, stimulatingly saline and always uplifted Riesling with perfectly ripe and lush fruit with fine tannins. It is a juicy, ripe wine with crystalline acidity and endless salinity that carries everything. This Dellchen is intense yet never gets heavy, but it becomes even more intense. This is immaculate, highly emotional Riesling. It's not just the most beautiful Dellchen I have ever tasted but certainly also the most fascinating dry Riesling I have ever had. This is pure art. An adorable wine and with so much soul. It can't be expensive enough. When Helmut Donnhoff was speaking about the feminine, charming and tender character of the cru, it is all here." - 100 Points, Stephan Reinhardt, The Wine Advocate