Dom Pérignon Pléntitude 2 Brut

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50% chardonnay, 50% pinot; 6.5g/L dosage

Four years on from its first heralded release, P2 1998 has not dipped its gaze one iota, ascending to the finest I have ever seen it, at a full 21 years of age. The seamless harmony that this vintage has attained as P2 is something to behold, evenly juxtaposing the lemon and white peach of its youth with the transfixing complexity of toasted brioche and vanilla nougat of long age. It upholds sensational determination, energy and poise thanks to well-defined acidity that grips a finish of profound line and length. At once creamy, silky, tangy and crunchy, this is a benchmark 1998 that somehow only seems to get better and better. In sheer line and persistence, it’s a Dom Pérignon of the highest order. Four years ago I announced that it had attained an incredible plateau, with plenty of life to ascend higher still. Gosh, it has, and it’s in no hurry to move on. 99 points - Tyson Stelzer