Comando G 'La Bruja de Rozas' Garnacha

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Sierra De Gredos


The label, Comando G, comes from a Spanish 1980s cartoon based on “Science Ninja Team Gatchaman,” a Japanese anime series from the ‘70s. But just as important, the “G” could stand for Gredos, the region where they prospected for vineyards, and it could stand for garnacha.

Ten years ago, when Comando G was getting started, most of the garnacha wines in Spain were jammy, concentrated, oaky and alcoholic. The Comando G team looked for inspiration instead from France, where they found wines in a different style, like the legendary Châteauneuf-du-Papes of Château Rayas, made entirely of grenache and known for their subtle, intricate grace, and the exquisite Ceps Centenaires La Mémé cuvée from Domaine Gramenon, a producer in the Côtes du Rhône.

The 2021 La Bruja de Rozas is their edgiest and most austere mineral and soil driven version of their entry-level red. It's herbal, with no concession for fruit, and it gas electricity and grip. It's a good preview of what's to come from 2021. It has a lot of 2018 and. 2016 characteristics, a cool summer, a year with rain and even some during harvest the complicated matters and made them lose some grapes but there's more grip, more minerality, more depth, layers and subtleness. It needs time in the glass and my guess is that at age eight it's going to reach an outstanding level.. A grown up Bruja, it's more for soil fanatics than the general public, and it's one to lay down in your cellar (by the case) while you drink your 2020s. There were 55,184 bottles produced. 95 points - Luis Gutierrez - The Wine Advocate June 2023.