Toro Albala Marques De Poley Amontillado Seleccion 200ml

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My favorite of the two Amontillados is the 1951 Amontillado Selección a rare, single-vintage Amontillado produced with Pedro Ximénez grapes as is the norm in Montilla-Moriles. It's a bright mahogany color with an amber-green tint that reveals pharmaceutical notes and balsamic, with roasted, charred aromas and a sweetish palate that retains the sharpness expected in this kind of wine. It is lacking a bit in the mid-palate before ending with a slightly bitter, tarry finish. This is completely different to an Amontillado from Jerez. It was bottled in March 2011 into 4,650 bottles. It is unusual and is perhaps not for all palates. 95 points, Luis Gutiérrez, Robert Parkers’ The Wine Advocate