Monte Dall'Ora 'Saseti' Valpolicella

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Valpolicella blend










Located in the frazione of Castelrotto, Monte dall'Oro is the estate of Carlo Venturini and Alessandra Zantedeschi. Both are from wine families but wanted a project a project to call their own so in 1995 the estate was purchased and the hard work began to restore the property. The vineyard is planted to the traditional Veronese varieties, Corvina, Rondinella, Corvione and the almost exstinct Osleta.

The estate was worked organically until 2006 when the couple converted to biodynamic agriculture. Biodiversity is the key to a healthy environment at Monte dall'Oro, they encourage the development of microcosm, planting herbs (rosemary. lavander) whose fragrant blooms are attractive to bees and sowing cereals in the winter, so the seeds root move and aerate the soil. These sowings then play an important role to create long and variegated blooms useful insects and, once mature, give a mulching to the soil, providing moisture during the summer. The vines are trained in the traditional pergola veronese style (which gives shade in the summer as well as excel- lent air flow) and the yields are tiny. The limestone soils and highly active environment give grapes that are beautifully balanced and full of flavour. Importer Note