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Kizakura Premium Yamahai Sake 1800ml

6 + $41.40 each
12 + $38.41 each
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Kizakura Sake Brewery offers premium sake such as Kizakura Yamahai Jikomi Japanese Sake, made using traditional brewing techniques and new technologies. This sake is naturally fermented and made from carefully selected rice grown on the brewery's own farm. It is a high-quality sake that is well-suited for pairing with both Japanese and Western cuisine and is best enjoyed at specific temperatures depending on the occasion. Kizakura Sake Brewery is committed to environmental conservation and producing high-quality sake. Kizakura Yamahai Jikomi Japanese Sake is a true gem that even those who are not familiar with sake should try at least once, allowing for a full appreciation of the authentic taste of sake.

Alcohol Volume : 15%

Rice : Hitomebore, Gohyaku Mangoku
Polish : 70%
SMV : +2
Acidity : 1.3
Yeast : KizakuraKz
Squeezing Method : Yabuta Method