Toro Albala ‘Don PX Selección’ 200ml

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The 1973 Don PX [Cosecha Vieja] is part of a new range of more accessible old wines, not as extreme as the Convento or Convento Selección ranges of extremely old wines. This is slightly lighter in the palate with a little less sugar, some 320 grams per liter. The vineyards that produced these grapes do not exist today; they were on very soft marls soils. The dehydrated grapes fermented between 3% and 9% and then the wine was fortified and today bottled at 17%. It's somehow reminiscent of the 1987, very perfumed and aromatic, a little exotic, with even some minty notes. The palate is very concentrated, round, with an oily texture that fills your mouth. 95 points, Luis Gutiérrez, Robert Parkers’ The Wine Advocate