Calabretta 'Gaio Gaio' Etna Rosso

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Nerello Mascalese








"The vineyards are located on the northern side between Randazzo and Solicchiata, all alberello vines, mostly 80+ years old and many planted on piede franco (ungrafted rootstock). No chemicals or pesticides have ever been used and the wines are fermented naturally. His approach to winemaking is both highly experimental and staunchly traditional and the flagship wine, Vigne Vecchie, is Nerello Mascalese aged for up to nine years in botti grandi before being bottled and released.

It is this approach that has resulted in Calabretta being compared to many of the greats of old school Barolo. The current release, 2010, walks a tightrope between being fully mature, yet fresh and energetic at the same time – it’s a wine that can only come from the lava rock of Mount Etna. Gaio Gaio is a selection of young vine Nerello Mascalese, aged in stainless and cask, and is fruity with Etna’s classic minerally backbone. The downside is that quantities are low and the wines are highly sought after around the world." Trembath & Taylor