André Clouet The V6 Experience

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“Powerful nose of lightly candied fruit and spice accelerating on the palate with notes of ginger bread with sweet citrus”
"Pinot Noir does not mature directly, in linear fashion.
Upon reaching its 6th year, it passes into a phase known as "The Whirlwind"
Propelled by an unseen force it reaches outward, taking on another dimension.
The wine becomes charged with energy and vibrations.
It glows... and becomes transcendent!
Deep, bright, effervescent... Taking off and on approach to Celestial Harmony.
As you taste it, prepare yourself to be launched like a rocket ship toward a mysterious, resplendent Star-shine, emanating from the Pinot Noir Galaxy.
3.2.1.... Blast off!" Winery note

100% pinot; 80% 2012, 20% solera of 2008, 2005, 2004 and 2002; aged 72 months on lees; zero dosage here but released with 5g/L dosage based on a liqueur of barrel-aged chardonnay and refined sugar.

Jean-François describes pinot noir as entering a phase he dubs ‘The Whirlwind’ in its sixth year of maturation. The rest of his inspiration is impossible to put into words, but clicking on ‘Cuvée Design Specification’ on his website will put you on the right trajectory. For the exuberance of Bouzy pinot noir and not inconsiderable age, the freshness packed into this cuvée is something to behold. Grapefruit tang meets crunchy red apple fruit, contrasting the generosity and spice of the village and the tension of zero dosage. Get on board. 92 points - Tyson Stelzer